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June 27, 2014

Help Design a Style Maniac Nail Color for the Julep Contest ... plus enter to win a trip to New York Fashion Week

If Style Maniac were a nail color, what would it look like?

YELLOW, the signature color of the blog?  Or perhaps RED my favorite color? Should it glitter, glow or gleam?  Julep has asked me to enter their Custom Nail Color Contest and I want your help!

Please share your suggestions here.  If I win, the first 10 commenters will receive the custom Style Maniac nail polish! Plus, here's a treat for all of you to try for right now: in conjunction with the Custom Nail Color Contest is a chance to win a trip for two to New York Fashion Week in September 2014.  When you enter Julep's NYFW sweepstakes using this link  I'll get another entry to win the Custom Nail Color Contest, plus another sweepstakes entry.  (You'll also get a unique link you can share to do the same.)  Entry form here / enter by June 30, 2014.

Photo courtesy Julep.


Cassidy Cloyed said...

I say for your summer of new adventures in fashion go bold and do a warm yellow with a little sparkle! Fresh, fun and a pop of color!

Style Maniac said...

How fun, sunny and original, Cass! Thanks for the chic suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Red Hot Summer!
-- Lorraine Naughton

Anonymous said...

My apologies to all of you who tried to add a comment here and were thwarted by Blogger.
Adding these suggestion from the Style Maniac Facebook Page -- Doreen/Style Maniac

"Either true red with subtle gold sparkles, or a deep hot pink!" -- Ann G

"No matter what shade of color, it has to have the sparkle! Style Maniac sparkles!!" -- Shelly G

"Gold!" -- Kathy H.

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